Frescura™ is the brand that defines this unique technology to fabric/garment manufacturers globally. The wonder fiber that will now make textile experience refreshing! A unique blend of structured silver in synthetics and a super rich blend of soft cotton, we present our yarn technology with an incredible innovation to produce the world’s best ‘Odor Free’ fibers to deliver unblemished performance. With inherent attribute of anti-microbial protection, Frescura™ also delivers thermal effect with UV stabilized characteristics to give the best of advantage in one single platform. Technically with low pilling and high durability, the interconnected strong fibers in Frescura™ will allow in transforming textiles into high performance odor free products and helps in delivering fresh! Frescura™ define the barrier protection with prime focus on human safety and environment friendly non leaching technology which makes us unique and safe!  With an irresistible and affordable pricing strategy, Frescura™ is backed by some of the best 3rd party test labs certifications globally.

Frescura™ Technology for Consumer Lifestyle Products

Frescura™ harnesses the power of positive ions to fight microbes on soft surfaces



When you incorporate Frescura™ technology into products, positively charged ions are released in the presence of moisture (such as moisture vapor naturally emitted by the skin). This structured silver action eliminates microbes on the soft surface of the product.



Clothing and bedding are in close contact with the microorganisms of the skin and those of the environment. This creates a warm and often moist environment next to the skin, which leads to the growth of bacteria. These microorganisms can lead to unpleasant odors, staining, fabric deterioration, and even physical irritation.



  • Our world is infested with microbes; preventing your clothing, footwear, bedding and towels from breeding them is what is needed.
  • Garments designed ‘Odor Free’ means more confidence. Humans can distinguish at least 1 trillion different odors. When your clothes don’t stink, you’re not self-conscious.
  • Humans have their own unique scent signature that is used to communicate information between humans. When your garments are bacteria free & odor free on clothing does not overpower your own scent signature.
  • Fewer bacteria and no odor on clothing means less washing. You can get multiple wearings out of your garments with Frescura™, saving valuable natural resources with sustainability and time.
  • In th washing cycle lower temperatures can be maintained because the fabric is maintaining microbial cleanliness and will save energy.
  • Frescura™ fibers and filament have received Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 accreditation, which certifies that it supports human ecology through biocompatibility and the absence of harmful substances in the manufacturing process.
  • Frescura™ harness the natural ions that can be found in water, land, and sea. Frescura™ is not defined as nano technology.


Where Can Frescura™ Be Used?

Frescura™ can be used everywhere—footwear, athletic clothing, sportswear, tailored clothing, denim, accessories, bedding, towels. There’s no limit!



Fabric Hygiene Spectrum: What’s Living On Your Clothing

In one of the studies conducted in US called Odor and microbial Profile test of Polyester and Cotton Clothes after a Fitness Session, researchers investigated the microbial growth and odor development in cotton and synthetic clothing fabrics on T-shirts  were collected fro m 26 healthy individuals after an intense workout session. The figure on top represents 31 unique species found on the T-shirts. The isolates were classified into three bacterial phyla: Firmicutes, Antibacterial, and Proteobacteria. As you can see, moisture and sweat create a perfect environment on clothing for microorganisms to flourish and generate the waste that creates odors, stains, and fabric deterioration. Ionic+ resists microorganism growth on the product.


What Causes Odor?

It begins with sweating!  We humans produce two kinds of sweat: eccrine and apocrine. Eccrine sweat is the watery, salty, and generally neutral smelling sweat that you secrete it all over your body. Even when you are not working out, your body is still emitting moisture vapor. Apocrine sweat comes from glands and is a thick, oily fluid made up of fatty compounds. Like eccrine sweat, apocrine sweat doesn’t stink on its own either.

Your microbiome, which is made up of the microbes that live on your skin, love to feed on the fatty, oily compounds in endocrine sweat. It’s actually the molecular waste from these microbes eating the sweat that leaves odor and stain. Frescura™ has self-cleaning mechanism on microbes. When clothing or footwear is inhospitable to microbes, the clothing won’t carry the smells associated with those odor-causing bacteria.




Frescura™ Antimicrobial Technology in Healthcare Fabrics

Products powered by Frescura™ inhibit the growth of microbes —even drug-resistant bacteria and viruses—on the surface of fabrics. We believe that cleaner hospitals are safer hospitals and that protecting soft surfaces is equally important as hard surfaces. Our brand partners are making great strides in providing active solutions.

Even before the current pandemic set in with coronavirus changed the face of healthcare, Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs) were widely acknowledged as one of the world’s leading healthcare challenges. Despite the measures taken and improvements made to manage the issue, the current costs associated with HAIs—both human and financial—are staggering. Annually, they kill more people than influenza and pneumonia, car accidents, and breast cancer. These infections can lead to significant morbidity and mortality, with tens of thousands of lives lost each year. Additionally, HAIs are estimated to cost billions of dollars annually.


Frescura™ Antimicrobial Fabrics Offer a Permanent and Continuous Solution

Frescura™ is used in the healthcare market to provide clinical-quality antimicrobial performance. Manufacturers of advanced wound care products incorporate Frescura™ into various medical devices including advanced wound care treatments, dressings, medical socks, and orthopedic soft goods. To protect fabrics surrounding patients and staff in a healthcare environment and prevent the growth and cross-contamination of bacteria on the surface of fabrics, manufacturers of healthcare apparel and textiles incorporate Frescura™ into soft surfaces like privacy curtains, scrubs, lab coats, patient apparel, and bedding.



  • No Behavior Modification by Staff or Patients Required

    As the mechanism of action is inherent in the fabric, it is self-cleaning of pathogens.

  • Permanent Protection
    Not a chemical finish, Frescura™ lasts the lifetime of the product (more than 100 laundering).

  • Antimicrobial Testing to The Industry’s Most Stringent Standards.
    Minimum 3-log reduction in 1 hour for certification. Twines tests and certifies 100% of the end-use applications for its technologies.

  • Clinically Proven
    Clinical studies, performed in hospitals on soft surfaces, showed successful reduction of pathogens on fabric in 1 hour.

  • Tested and Safe
    99% pure silver. Multiple products powered by Frescura™ are on the market today.

  • Odor Protection
    Frescura™ naturally eliminates odor, keeping apparel smelling fresher for comfort and confidence during long shifts.


Survival of Pathogens on Fabric

Bacteria have been shown to live on cotton and polyester fabrics for weeks, and even months. Laundering alone is not effective enough, as there is no residual protection against further contamination. Instead, soft surface protection must be addressed and recognized as part of a more complete infection protection protocol.