Welcome To The World Of Freshness With Protection

Twines Textiles is a global leader in the design, manufacture, marketing, merchandising and selling of ‘Odor Free High Performance’ garments. Twines produces in-house textile technologies in developing mission critical military wear to healthcare to lifestyle garments including next generation smart garments thru continuous innovation. Twines Textiles has grown from a small startup to a category front-runner in developing performing technologies brands, Flexsil, Frescura, Teczinc in delivering wearable products for global markets.

Who we are…

Twines Textiles was created in Brussels, Belgium with a solo intention of developing technical textiles on a global platform. With cutting edge manufacturing facilities located in India, Turkey and soon Portugal, the company is transforming values by adding newer technologies to its pallets.
Twines Textiles has brought world-class life sciences to the global marketplace through innovative textile products and its components. Our market-driven innovation introduces multiple new products and patent applications every year, serving markets as diverse as military, health care, home goods, sports and consumer apparels.
Twines is proud to build on this heritage by partnering with pioneers to tackle the unprecedented challenges in microbial protection and odor management by working with customers, brands, companies and individuals to discover solutions to toughest challenges. Together, we believe we can deliver safe textiles for people everywhere and the environment for generations to come.
Twines is developing life-saving body armor to wound care bandages to lifestyle garments including next generation smart garments thru continuous innovation.
Our New-to-the-world technologies generate solutions to customers which are far more advanced than can be imagined. We have developed an unrivalled capability for measuring, characterizing, and understanding materials and processes. With resources located globally, wecan draw on our analytical strengths during all phases of product development, from concept through commercialization and manufacturing.